Rajnarine, Bronx NY

I was very skeptical about contacting Mold Master to perform mold remediation in my home attic after reading reviews which appear too perfect to be true. Nevertheless, reluctantly I made contact requesting an estimate, my intention was to get several estimates and go with the lowest but ended up choosing Mold Master not for low cost but there employee experience, knowledge and recommendation from their previous clients/ jobs whom I contacted. Prior to inspecting and starting the job, they inquire if there are babies, small children, elderly folks, sick persons or pets in the home and if any are suffering from flu like symptoms. My mold contamination job was treated with care, the workers covered carpet adjacent to work areas and where they walk while performing job behind concealed area discretely and professionally. Air quality in our home has improved due to correction of ventilation issues by Mold Master; I am very pleased with the end result.

Sharon King, Queens NY

I experience headaches, had difficulty breathing and sleeping, I thought there was mold problem in my apartment. My landlord schedules an appointment with Mold Master to conduct mold inspection and air sampling in my apartment. Their technician performance was amazing, he interviewed me in the presence of my landlord, suggested and conducted carbon monoxide testing, testing result I cannot recall but level of carbon monoxide was high. Technician immediately open all windows get outside fresh air after locating the source of carbon monoxide from crack in chimney which was in close proximity to my apartment, he also tested my mattress for dust mites and scare the hell out of me with what he took out of my bed, my landlord was very impressed she got all her bed tested and sanitize for dust mites. The chimney is repaired and my mattress was sanitized by Mold Master. My apartment is very comfortable headaches gone; I am breathing and sleeping properly. Mold Master Services are outstanding, come on these guys are trained and prepared to conduct testing for dust mites? Who else does that? Mold Master changed my negative opinion about service providers.

Wilton Sinclair, Brooklyn NY

Dealing with water damage and mold growth is nothing you ever want to do. But when disaster strikes you have to get to work. For me that meant finding a company to clean up my parent's home after hurricane Sandy flooded the entire basement. Several companies offered quotes but only Hemwant Persaud from Mold Master was reliable, professional and reassuring in every single communication we had. He was also the only contractor I found who was "certified in mold remediation" - my greatest concern. The job was conducted thoroughly and my parents were 100% satisfied with the result. I hope this never happens again, but if it does I'll know who to call

Jesse Vogel, Far Rockaway, NY

Hemwant Persaud and his business Mold Master did an unbelievable job on my house. He ran a tight ship, was incredibly thorough, incredibly knowledgeable, honest, trustworthy, and a fantastic person to work with. I recommend his services to anyone who wants an expert who will treat you fairly, not take advantage of you, and will do a fantastic job and clean up after themselves who works quickly and efficiently.

Oscar P. Walters, Jr. PE, New York City NY

Hemwant Persaud is a detailed oriented professional manager with a clear understanding of the proper means and methods for conducting investigations and establishing remediation processes for the elimination of Active Mold Infestations. His work effort is always geared to first, inspect test and identify Mold presence, followed by efforts to attain adequate Clean up Certification from regulatory agencies that are charged with oversight responsibilities for Mold abatement. Hemwant is truly adept at employing his related academic training and prowess toward Mold Inspection, mold abatement recommendation and procuring clean-up certification for the solution of practical Mold abatement problems. He thus will always help his clients to maintain, a healthy and safe living environment that is free of dangerous Mold strains.